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Multi- Lingual Dubbing


 Authentic Multi-lingual Dubbing in 20+ languages

Whether it’s a Radio Commercial or Telephone Hold Message or IVR, if you want to dub your message in multiple foreign languages with 100% accuracy, you can rely on Audio 52. Our team of voice-over talent is specialized in multi-lingual communication and can help you communicate your message in as many as 20 foreign languages. Further our Voice-over Artists are expert in regional and local dialects, which adds to the authenticity of the content. Apart from that, our top-notch multi-lingual dubbing solutions also offer to enhance your message by toning it with required appeal, whether warm, aggressive, emotional or sophisticated.

Salient Features


Specialized in multi-lingual communication for a wide spectrum of industries


In-house translation services


Catering efficiently to global clientele with command over languages like English, Arabic, Hindi, French, Farsi Chinese, German, Russian, Spanish, Japanese, Korean and many more


Messages toned to communicate desired appeal

multi-lingual Dubbing